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Self-paced and onsite trainings

Do you want your team to be up-to-speed with the latest technical documentation standards? Our training modules have been designed for just that scenario, using rapid e-learning techniques. There is no need to resolve conflicting agenda’s of your team members because all training can be completed on an individual basis and pace. To foster class based interaction Sperotech provides a virtual training room optionally hosted by an instructor. Your team can decide the date and time of these collective sessions.

All our training can be delivered as on-site class-room training by our experienced instructors. Our training modules have been designed to provide a proper balance between learning materials and lab exercises. Our goal is to train you in the most effective way and in the shortest amount of time. Detailed tutorials walk you step-by-step through each task, and you can test and receive feedback on what you've learned using the interactive quizzes for each module.

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DITA OT Customization

XMetaL Author Enterprise DITA Training

The DITA Open Toolkit Customization Training is for organizations and individuals who need to create their own customized processing and style sheets for the DITA Open Toolkit. The course guides the participants to the customization techniques and covers a selection of tools for developing these customizations.

Level: Beginner to advanced

Delivered as: 2 days onsite

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XMetaL DITA Training

XMetaL Author Enterprise DITA Training

This comprehensive course provides an introduction to DITA and the authoring of DITA in XMetaL Author Enterprise DITA edition (version 5.5 and 6). The course consists of modules covering the core DITA topic types, maps, bookmaps and DITA authoring in XMetaL. It also includes DITA advanced features such as reuse (conref), conditional text and filtering.

Level: Beginner

Delivered as: 2 days onsite or remote online

Inquire about our remote training possibilities!

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Note: On-site training is available immediately. Online training will be available in 2010. If you want to be informed about the availability of online training or need a quote for online training, send us an email.

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Sperotech develops products that will allow you to implement your single source solution faster. Our resources however are limited. By rating how important online training is for your business you will help us assign the right priorities. You can rate anonymously or you can sign up for an account before you rate a training course and we will keep you informed about releases of online training you rated as ‘above average’.