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Implementing a single source publishing solution such as DITA can be quite a challenge. Without proper guidance and a solid approach prepare for many mistakes and delays. Teams often embark on a projects with enthusiasm fueled by the promise that everything will be much better after this new technology has been implemented. However the road is full of pitfalls and unknowns. This introduces risks and delays in the project. In a worst case scenario the project may even get cancelled, a frustrating experience for the project team and stakeholders.

Sperotech will provide project toolkits that will give you both guidance and a proven approach. These tools cannot eliminate every risk or failure, but you will be better equipped to identify them early on in the process. Blueprints and checklists are included to prevent you from making wrong design decisions and bad choices. The project toolkit typically contains items such as:

  • agile project methodologies
  • sample project plans
  • templates
  • checklists
  • how to manuals
  • software tool evaluations

Project Tools Selector

DITA Project Toolkit

The DITA project toolkit contains how to manuals for configuring the DITA content model and Open Toolkit, selecting software tools, project plans for small and large projects, and a project methodology blueprint with a variety of checklists.

Available for:
DITA projects

Price: $349

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Note: Prices are just an indication. Project tools will become available in 2010. If you want to be informed of project tools availability send us an email or even better, create an account and rate the project tools that would be useful to you using the project tools selector.

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Sperotech develops products that will allow you to implement your single source solution faster. Our resources however are limited. By rating how important a project tool is for your business you will help us assign the right priorities. You can rate anonymously or you can sign up for an account before you rate a style sheet and we will keep you informed about releases of project tools you rated as 'above average'.