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Pre-internet information products don’t work online!

Sticking with your current information products leaves a lot of untapped potential residing in your single source content. Your audiences (markets/users) might behave and interact in ways not foreseen by your current information products. Sperotech specializes in building engaging, interactive applications for web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile devices that can be used to deliver your technical documentation to your clients. We build these rich user experience applications making full use of web 2.0 techniques, advanced frameworks and development platforms.

Any information product is a good as the content is. Sperotech helps organizations to implement content management and workflow system to increase the quality of their information products. More on rich user experience applications >>


Consultancy services

Increasing volumes of content, simultaneous product launches, emergence of social media, or what else the future may hold, organizations are forced to look at new and innovative strategies to optimize their authoring and publishing process.

At Sperotech's we have the expertise to:

  • Design and implement information architectures and governance
  • Design content processes and workflow using SharePoint Workflow and Open Text EPS
  • Implement content management and collaboration solutions using SharePoint and Open Text Content Server
  • Configure, customize and roll-out authoring tools such as Microsoft Office, XMetaL, Oxygen XML and FrameMaker to content development teams
  • Develop CSS, XSLT and XSL-FO stylesheets, including DITA Open Toolkit customizations
  • Develop and deliver end user trainings
  • Migrate legacy content to XML
  • Develop user assistance, rich internet and mobile phone applications using technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP MVC, HTML and JavaScript More on consultancy services>>