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NLDITA Tools 2011

Sperotech is proud to announce that - in cooperation with JustSystems' - it will demonstrate the XMetaL Products for DITA Authoring on NLDITA Tools 2011, April 1 in Utrecht. Demos will be centered around usability, reuse, customizability, extensibility, collaboration and reviewing. XMetaL’s ability to work well with a variety of content management systems is a key product differentiator, so we will be showing that as well.

There will be three running demonstrations of 1 hour each, in the morning starting at 9.00 am. See the program for more information. XMetal products have a lot of excellent features, too much to demonstrate them in one hour. Let us know which feature you would like us to demonstrate by rating the features in our NLDITA 2011 XMetaL Demo Feature Selector below.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend a full day of tool demonstrations and workshops and sign-up for NLDITA Tools 2011. Use the promocode SPERnldita11 and register for €50,- instead of €99, or follow this link.

NLDITA 2011 XMetaL Demo Feature Selector (use < and > buttons to scroll)


XMetaL is suitable for business users who are accustomed to using Word.

We will demonstrate how easy it is to create and edit DITA topics and show the similarities with many legacy authoring tools.

A brief explanation of XMetaL's main menu and toolbar will be given and we will show how easy it is to work with lists, tables and images, how to insert markup using menus and toolbar buttons, Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste.

XMetaL's three main views Normal, Tags On, Plain Text will be shown and explained, plus we show how to configure XMetaL's rich interface to show panes for inspecting XML elements and element attributes.

Last but not least, we will show XMetaL's Resource Manager, where you can organize frequently used objects such as files, images, text and markup blocks.


Reuse means increased author productivity, improved consistency and quicker global updates.

With DITA, you can replace error-prone and expensive copy/paste processes with modern "write once, use in many places" reuse strategies. We will demonstrate reuse at the topic level using maps and conref for reuse beneath the topic level such as procedure steps, product description, etc.

We will show how XMetaL supports the new content push and content range reference features introduced with the DITA 1.2 standard.

Styling of conditional text and Show/Hide Conditional Text settings when generating output will be demonstrated as well.

For other schema we will demonstrate the more general XML Inclusion (XInclude) which XMetaL 6.0 now supports.

Customizability and extensibility

Gaps in meeting client’s requirements have a negative effect on productivity.

We show hot to customize and extend XMetaL without any programming or special technical knowledge such as: usability/aesthetic improvements, promote/enforce style guidelines, dialogs for editing custom metadata values and support for DITA specializations.

We will demonstrate how you can insert elements and attributes efficiently and display additional image formats in the editor.

If you have your own schema or DITA specialization, JustSystems provide extensive technical product support to both customers and partners to make your customizations successful.

XMetaL easily integrates with 3rd-party applications, such as image software, databases and spreadsheets for data extraction, etc.

Collaboration and reviewing

Accelerate documentation cycles with collaborative XML document reviewing.

We will show how the new capabilities of XMetaL Reviewer 6.0 when combined with XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 can form the foundation for a unified XML authoring and reviewing platform.

With XMetaL Reviewer any number of documents can be reviewed together as a single project. This includes, but is not limited to: Projects and large documents based on DITA Maps, Multi-document projects for distributing XML documents as a single project for review, Project bundles to send with the material for review, all related content plus any material or associated content that is not necessarily part of the review.

Other highlights shown: Reference PDF Generation, Administration and Tracking, and Enhanced communications and reporting.

XMetal support for DITA 1.2

Take advantage of the new DITA 1.2 features in an easy to use and powerful way using XMetaL Author Enterprise.

The DITA 1.2 introduces some powerful capabilities that take content reuse to the next level. Using keys and key references you can swap in new content without having to modify the source. Another powerful feature is the ability to push in new content at publishing time using conref push.

DITA 1.2 also adds new specializations for the machinery industry and as well as support for marking hazard statements compliant with ANSI Z535 and ISO 3864. General Specializations can be found in additions for SCORM-compliant learning and training modules, and a much improved glossary with better support for web publishing multilingual glossaries.

Also shown: constraining content models without creating specializations and define and maintain constraints on metadata without specialist skills.

XMetaL Author Enterprise - SP Edition

Bring the Efficiency of XML and DITA to your SharePoint Implementation.

Hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide have adopted Microsoft® SharePoint® to provide secure collaboration support and content management.

We will demonstrate how you access and reuse content from your SharePoint 2010 Libraries and how collaboration and sharing is supported using Check-in and Check-out.

We will demonstrate how - using XMetaL Author Enterprise - you can take full advantage of SharePoint-based Security to control who can view and edit your organization's most critical content.

See how XMetal Author and SharePoint’s robust Workflow platform can be used to automate processes in an integrated way while allowing these processes to occur seamlessly within your DITA information architecture.

XMetaL XDocs Connector

Out-of-the-box DITA-enabled Component Content Management System.

XDocs Component Content Management System (CCMS) from Bluestream Database Software Corp. is a standards-compliant single-sourcing solution that enables technical communicators to create, manage, and store large volumes of both XML and non-XML content.

Organizations of all sizes can now realize the benefits of DITA at a lower cost than the competition with a comparable or better quality system.

XDocs customers range from Fortune 100 organizations seeking complex cross-departmental DITA solutions to small businesses containing single author documentation teams.

We will demonstrate XDocs Server, XDocs Explorer, XML Authoring and XDocs CM Portal a web-based application that enables sharing, viewing and searching of content by all authorized users within the organization.

XMetal Author Enterprise – CMS integration

Bring products and services to market faster with powerful, enterprise-class content management systems.

Together, XMetaL and a content management system provide everything your company needs to create, share, reuse, and deliver XML content, in any format, for any destination.

We will explain the features and show screenshots of what you can do with JustSystems’ provided and supported integrations of XMetaL Author Enterprise with Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet.

Beside the CMS integrations provided by JustSystems there is an impressive list integrations developed by CMS vendors and JustSystems Partners. We will give you information on the availability of these integrations and where you can find more information.

XMetaL TopLeaf Plugin

Set up complex professional quality jobs using a revolutionary new point and click interface.

XMetaL TopLeaf plugin, when used in conjunction with XMetaL Author and TopLeaf Workstation allows users to easily create stylesheets for PDF output in a friendly graphical environment.

We will demonstrate features of TopLeaf Workstation such as: Typesetting from single or multiple documents and how to set a variety of typesetting functions such as footnotes (page or column), sidenotes, running heads, nested lists, tables, boxes, multiple graphic formats etc.

TopLeaf Workstation has comprehensive support for true looseleaf publishing, including auto generation of insert pages and filing instructions. There is also Graphical Page Layout editor and the Stylesheet Generator.

XMetaL Author Open Toolkit configuration

Easily generate output in different formats using the embedded DITA Open Toolkit XMetaL Author.

XMetaL Author Enterprise comes bundled with an embedded version of the DITA Open Toolkit. The Configure Output Options dialog lets you easily define new output deliverable types for the HTML, HTML Help (CHM), Eclipse Help, JavaHelp, DocBook and PDF output.

We will demonstrate how you can create and configure different types of output. And for PDF we will show how you can use rendering engines such as Apache FOP, RenderX and AntennaHouse XSL Formatter.

We will also show how you setup DITVAL files to filter out or flag parts of the content in the output.

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Note: Sperotech provide XMetaL on-site trainings. If you want us to informe you about the availability of on-site or online trainings, or if you need a quote for online training, send us an email.

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